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Need till rolls, Chip and Pin rolls or cash register ink products in a hurry? Then we can help. Buy from our extensive range of stock and benefit from: Till rolls UK

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More information on our till rolls, thermal rolls and credit card rolls:

Till Rolls

All our till rolls are manufactured using only the best quality paper, this includes our thermal rolls and credit card rolls. During our years of experience in the cash register and EPOS business we have seen many tills rendered useless from the use of low grade paper. The problem with low grade cash register paper, or non Grade A till rolls, is that dust comes off the paper. The paper dust builds up and eventually causes the printer to jam rendering your cash register useless. Protect your cash register and use only Grade A till rolls.

The increased usage of credit and debit cards has given rise to the amount of machines that use thermal receipt paper. Thermal paper receipts produce a high quality receipt. Many chip and pin machines use thermal rolls although some use 2 roll chip and pin paper or "impact action till rolls". Thermal printers work by pushing heated pins against special heat sensitive paper. Thermal till rolls are available from Till Food. If you're unsure which thermal rolls to use for PDQ machines please call us, we're happy to help.

Till food also supplies thermal rolls for printers used in restaurants and kitchens. These wider thermal rolls are not suitable for thermal cash registers. Remember the more you buy from Till Food the more you save. Our discount pricing saves you money on till rolls, thermal paper rolls and cash register rolls!

Paper Rolls

There are four major varieties of paper used for reciept rolls, till rolls and other purposes where paper rolls are required:

Single Ply Paper Rolls

Single Ply paper comes in several grades but typically used are 'A' grade paper and the economy TMP. You can tell the difference as 'A' grade is much brighter than the off-white appearance of the economy paper.

Two Ply Paper and Three Ply Paper Rolls

Carbonless rolls are similar to self contained rolls in that the paper type is similar and is used mainly for two or three ply paper. These rolls have a coating of micro capsules on either the front or back of the paper. The three ply variety has the coating on both sides of the second copy. In order to produce an image on the top copy, a ribbon is required in the printer

Impact Action Paper Rolls

This is used mainly for rolls using two or three ply paper like the carbonless paper, though recently it is used on one ply for chip & pin systems. It is also known as Impact or Action paper. As with carbonless (impact action), it has a micro capsule coating which forms an image when you apply pressure to it, thereby bursting the micro capsules. Therefore no ribbons are required.

Thermal Rolls

Thermal paper rolls are widely used for chip & pin and industrial purposes. It is only one ply paper and has a shiny, smooth surface. Thermal paper is generally available in white, other colours are also available. Thermal paper paper has a heat sensitive coating that reacts to a heated print head to produce an image.

Choose your machine's manufacturer to see available paper rolls and ink:

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